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Complaints Policy

The person/s at this practice responsible for dealing with your comments and complaints are Mrs Sally Thomson and Miss Jess Hill

There is a straightforward procedure that can resolve any concerns quickly and effectively to your satisfaction.

Where a complaint is made verbally, the practice will make a written record of the complaint and, if requested, provide a copy of that record to the complainant.

The practice will acknowledge any complaint no later than 5 working days after the day of receipt. This acknowledgement may be made verbally or in writing.

At the time the practice acknowledges the complaint, we will offer to discuss with the complainant and at a time to be agreed with the complainant, the following;

If the complainant does not accept an offer of discussion, the practice will notify the complainant in writing of the likely timescale for the response.

The practice will keep the complainant informed of the progress of the investigation.

After completing the investigation, the practice will send the complainant a response in writing, signed by the “responsible person”, which includes an explanation of how the complaint has been considered, conclusions reached, any remedial action/s identified as deemed necessary, confirmation as to whether the practice is satisfied that such remedial action has either been taken or will be taken.

Independent help and advice is available from Patient Advice and Liaison Service – please contact your local PALS for information about how this service is provided in your area.

In the unfortunate event that the complainant is still dissatisfied with either the process or outcome of the complaint, the matter can be raised with one of the following;
NHS England, Chester on 01244 650300 West Chester Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) c/o 1829 Building, The Countess of Chester Health Park, Liverpool Road, Chester, CH2 1HJ
Health Service Ombudsman on 0345 015 4033
Patients paying for treatment:- Dental Complaints Service at

01244 677667

Thank you so much for your hard work, professionalism and commitment with all three of our children.

Jan & Mike Maughan