Frequently Asked Questions

How long will treatment take?

Your treatment plan and smile are individual to you. As specialist providers you can be confident you will be recommended the treatment that will give you the best results in the shortest possible time. Treatment usually takes 18-24 months.

Will my teeth stay in position after treatment?

All treatment includes retainers. Results will only remain stable if retainers are worn long term and you follow the advice given. A small amount of movement or settling is normal after treatment.

Will Orthodontic Treatment Be Painful?

  • A degree of discomfort is likely to start with. You can expect some aching and tenderness in the gums as the teeth start to move, but this mostly wears off after a few days.
  • Fitting the brace should not be painful. For a fixed appliance the brackets are simply glued to the faces of the teeth; metal bands may also need to be cemented round the back teeth.
  • As the biological processes get under way to allow the teeth to move, you can expect some aching and the teeth may be tender to bite on. This usually settles down after a few days, although some patients do experience a degree of tenderness for a longer period. The amount of discomfort varies enormously from person to person. It may be helpful to take your normal painkillers for a day or two.
  • Some further discomfort may be experienced when the brace is adjusted subsequently, but this depends very much on what adjustments have been made.

What do I do if I experience discomfort?

  • If you have a fixed brace please use the wax provided. It may be helpful to take your normal painkillers for a day or two.
  • If you experience more severe discomfort please contact the surgery for advice.

What are the possible risks of orthodontic treatment?

Moving healthy teeth and gums is generally not risky. Unfortunately, some patients do experience problems during treatment. Your orthodontist will talk to you about the common risks of treatment and about those that might particularly affect you. Most problems are preventable if you take care of your teeth and gums.

What do I do if my appliance is broken or lost?

Please call reception as soon as possible. We will book you in for an emergency appointment. Please note there is a charge for lost or broken removable appliances that can’t be repaired.

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