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Invisalign clear plastic braces

All but invisible, Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic and fit comfortably around teeth without the use of metal. Because they’re so patient-friendly and discreet, Invisalign is probably our most popular choice for adults – plus Invisalign Teen is also available for under-18s.

Invisalign comprises a series of removable aligners which are changed every two weeks, and gently move teeth into the correct alignment. Invisalign braces are almost invisible, they’re removed for eating and for cleaning your teeth – and since they’re smooth, there’s minimum irritation to lips and cheeks. During the course of Invisalign treatment, we usually see patients about once every eight weeks.

Before you commit yourself to the Invisalign programme, you’ll see a 3D simulation of your treatment, which will help to accurately predict the treatment time, as well as showing the final appearance of your new smile.

There’s a choice of Invisalign treatments:

Invisalign i7

For milder treatments, Invisalign i7 comprises just seven sets of aligners, and can achieve results in as little as three months.

Invisalign Lite

If your requirements are too complex for Invisalign i7, Invisalign Lite may be right for you. It aims to treat simple to moderate cases in around seven months, bridging the gap between Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Full.

Invisalign Full

Particularly popular because it can correct a wide range of complaints, treatment takes between 12 and 18 months.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is especially for teenagers, and whilst similar to Invisalign Full, its special features meet younger patients’ needs. These include wear-indicators, which help ensure the aligners are worn regularly – plus Invisalign Teen allows for the growth of new adult teeth.

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